Wuhan virus attacked the cruise ship. Horror 3600 people cut off from the world

A few days ago, a wildfire spread around the world the news of the appearance of a new coronavirus-nCoV 2019 on the Japanese ship called the Diamond Princess. Today, passengers going through the scene like a horror movie.

The unit is currently docked in the port of Yokohama. 3645 passengers and crew members were quarantined. The city authorities say that the virus has already infected 135 people, and this number will grow. Passengers are experiencing a real tragedy, because no one knows who is a carrier of the virus from Wuhan.

The problem is that medical services are not able to examine up so quickly such a large number of people. At the moment it indicates approx. 200 people who may be infected. We must remember that this pathogen moves asymptomatic, so the potential infected and infect others at the same time can be all and without symptoms of fever and discomfort typical for this type of disease.

The researchers suggest that to detect the virus in 2019-nCoV need to perform up to three tests, nucleic, and it not only takes a few days, but it still does not have a place where people already infected and those suspected about it. Pathogen can also infect several times.

Yokohama authorities say that the first person on the ship, in which coronavirus was detected, it was 80-year-old Chinese citizen. January 25 was blown ashore in Hong Kong and passed medical services. Despite this, earlier he had already infect a few people and the virus began to spread rapidly.

Currently, the world is the 813 victims of the virus and infected nearly 40,000. The Chinese authorities do not hide that the first effective drug for the new coronavirus can occur only after 2-3 months. However, you need to emphasize here that it may not be effective for all mutations of the virus, so the hope of survival may concern only as a specific group of people.