Your smartphone can help build global radiation detector

If you want to use their mobile devices for more than just sending messages, now there’s a great opportunity. Take part in a global project of CREDO and help uncover the secrets of the cosmos.

Some time ago I created a very interesting idea for the research space and place in the fascinating phenomena using a detector worldwide. For this purpose, the power and the benefits flowing from smartphones and a special application called CREDO Detector (see here). This refers to the program Cosmic Ray Observatory Extremely Distributed (CREDO), which was attended so far thousands of Astronomy fans from 20 countries.

It transforms smartphones spread across the world in a single device with a unique research capabilities of detection. After months of testing, the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences organized a conference at which scientists presented the first results of the project. The program meets the hopes, so now begin testing target.

“CREDO Detector application is developed in the framework of the international initiative launched and coordinated by researchers from the IFJ. Supervision of maintenance and expansion of application exercises Cracow University of Technology, and for the collection and processing of data corresponds Cyfronet Academic Computer Center of the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow. The project is co-financed by the governments of Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak Visegrad Grants through the program in the framework of the International Visegrad Fund (IVF), “- said in a statement Sciences.

Carrying out research using smartphones rely on recording and comparing the time of particle detection. In the scientific world it accepted that striking the Earth high-energy particles come to us by chance and as uniformly from all directions. Interestingly, in 1983 the network of detectors detected in Canada in a short time, 32 cases of the so-called. EASs weather. There is a cascade of secondary particles generated by high-energy cosmic rays interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere.

We are looking for such anomalies, scientists now under the CREDO using smart phones and dedicated application. Astronomers believe that it will enable us to not only collect a lot of valuable information about these phenomena, but also about the properties of dark matter, essentially quantum gravity and the structure of space-time itself.

Most importantly, the creators of the project indicate that the software CREDO project, including application CREDO Detector, appeared on the MIT license, which means that it is and it will be developed and used in many other groundbreaking research projects, school, and even commercial gamesartmovies.