Private mode in Google Chrome not so private? The lawsuit by

The American giant has to deal with a lawsuit for $ 5 billion in connection with the violation of privacy of millions of users by tracking data from the browser’s private mode.

If you use regularly Incognito mode of Google Chrome, then you will be interested in the information that it is not so private as you might think. As it turns out, belongs to the Alphabet Inc. The company collects data about our activity using Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other applications and plug-ins, including smartfonowych applications, regardless of whether users click on the ad supported by Google. This helps Google know our friends, interest, food preferences, purchasing habits, and even the most intimate and potentially embarrassing online search webtricks.

How, then, can be read in the lawsuit, it’s time to end the practice of allowing Google to collect unauthorized data on every American with a computer or smartphone. Except that the claimant may have a problem here, because as the Advocate Google Jose Castaneda, the company has repeated many times that “even when we open a new incognito tab, pages, and so may be able to collect information on our activities in the network.” And he has a lot of reasons, because when you open a new Incognito tab welcomes us with the following window:

In short, private modes help us hide our search before other persons having access to your computer or the same network, without retaining even search history, but as long repeated cybersecurity specialists, we are not protected from the suppliers of these services. These have long been suspected of creating user profiles based on combined data from both the classical search, and private. The lawsuit, however, are determined, because I speak on behalf of millions of Google users, who from June 1, 2016 years using the private mode. Hence, the request for compensation of at least $ 5,000 for each user whose privacy violated. It is difficult to predict how the matter will end, but we will look at it with interest.