The largest radio telescope in the world are ready to search for alien civilizations

In China carried out one of the biggest projects in the history of mankind in the field of astronomy, which will allow us to look deeper into the universe and answer questions about its turbulent past.

Astronomers hope that this giant machine will also enable us to accelerate the process of finding alien civilizations. Construction of the world’s largest radio telescope called FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope) ended in 2016, but only now it is fully ready to carry out the historic tasks.

Thanks to the world of science will be able to conduct observations of the sky with unprecedented accuracy and range up to 3 times greater than was previously possible smartuser. Chinese radio telescope consists of up to 4450 triangular elements, each with a side length of 11 meters. So you can imagine what it will be giant Realize that the canopy will be 500 meters in diameter.

With these parameters, FAST it is currently the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope on. For comparison, the second largest telescope Arecibo bowl has a diameter of only 305 meters away. The object, which is worth over $ 100 million, was established in the mountains, in the province of Guizhou, away from all sorts of cities, which could disrupt the measurements. Therefore, it is believed to be inaccessible unprecedented opportunities for astronomical observations.

Chinese FAST, within the 3-year tests, specialized in detecting pulsars, which is highly zmagnetyzowanych, rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation. FAST recently discovered several dozens of signals coming from the same place, and in a very short time.

It seems that this giant is made for this type of projects. Astronomers therefore intend to use it from September this year to detect hundreds or even thousands of new FRB and other mysterious signals. It is estimated that every second of the Earth there is a lot of such impulses, but we are not able to detect them. Now he has to change for the better. The entire project will last nearly a decade, but it has resulted in the detection of the existence of alien civilizations, and even the possibility of contact with them. Fingers crossed for the success of the whole project.