In Singapore, one goes to jail for fake news about the coronavirus

During a pandemic coronavirus appeared on the network a lot of false information on it, and although in some countries it can be published with impunity, then the other must reckon with the consequences.

There’s no denying that the pandemic coronavirus caused quite a rash of speculation and false information, and one of the most famous is perhaps this which suggests that the SARS-CoV-2 corresponds to the network infrastructure 5G, which contributed to the arson masts mobile networks in different countries, including in Poland. It should be noted, however, that most people wreaking such fake news does not have to fear the consequences other than deleting posts or social media accounts and YouTube, unless you live in Singapore, because there definitely other rules prevail.

He found out about this even 40-year-old taxi driver Kenneth Lai Yong Hui, who published the private facebook group numbering 7500 members post with false information about the closure of grocery stores because Covid-19, urging the way to do inventory. And although quickly removed his post, literally after 15 minutes, the prosecutor remained adamant and requested a prison sentence to deter others from similar practices. Especially that in Singapore during the 4-month fight against coronavirus were several panic attacks, so justice is not very kind to the people causing them due to false information.

– Psychological battle for calming fear and hysteria is as important as the fight against the spread of Covid-19 – says the prosecutor Deborah Lee, who took care of the matter The Ranking Online. Thus, the ruling four months imprisonment, which is still quite mild, because Singapore’s laws provide for spreading misinformation maximum penalty of USD 7,000 or imprisonment up to three years, or both. What it all by yourself interested? Kenneth Lai Yong Hui defended himself, but unfortunately did not manage to get a comment from him after the judgment, for we know that his case is … the result of denunciation.

Police records indicate in fact that on April 20 filed a complaint against the post man who suggested that due to the pandemic coronavirus grocery stores, cafes and supermarkets will be open only for 2 days a week, so you better make stocks for the coming month. What did he get that way? Perhaps more courses your taxi, but alone probably treated quite seriously as a whole stupid joke, so quickly that the situation had become very serious. It was to be expected, however, because some time ago the man who broke quarantine to buy bread cakes, he had to pay a $ 1,000 penalty, and another seat breaching the order at home because he wanted soup, went to prison for 6 weeks.