YouTube provides a new feature you’ve been waiting for a long time

In the site each day, you can find a lot of interesting footage. The problem, however, is their length, and yet no one wants to waste time looking for key information. Now it will be much better.

YouTube introduces a new feature, namely chapters top sites. It’s a hit. It will appeal to almost all users, because most of the time on the site is lost in search of the quintessential watching the video. Even more important is that after they are able to last and more than a half hour. With chapters on the timeline, now quickly we move to the proper torque and save time on the watch more movies.

The new feature will appear on both the desktop and mobile devices. Chapters first appeared in April this year, but they were only available to the few users who tested this service. The experiments were successful, so YouTube has decided to implement it throughout the world for all users.

We are very pleased that the giants increasingly listen to the needs of its users and take into account their valuable suggestions. Service in recent years has undergone a huge makeover and is very functional. Despite this, however, you can still do a lot to him even more under the nick of users. Even more important it is that more and more people are watching YouTube on mobile devices and the use of mobile Internet.

Chapters will be created by content creators, and not, as previously thought, by specialized artificial intelligence algorithms. Service would not lead to a situation in which will be marked inappropriate moments. In terms of the creators they remain so as deploying them and that means those moments, the better we watched their productions. Hopefully, that will help us life, although certainly they will also depend on this, but we viewed all the material.