After all these years finally uncut FSK releases three legendary cult classics after re-examination

After all these years finally uncut: FSK releases three legendary cult classics after re-examination

Warner recently submitted the once indexed films “Blade”, “Friday the 13th” and “Last Boy Scout” to the FSK for re-examination – with unsurprising, but nevertheless gratifying results: all three got the green light in the uncut version.

Just because a film once landed on the index – that is, it was indexed and consequently could no longer be openly offered and sold in Germany – does not mean that it will stay there forever. Since the viewing habits of viewers simply change over time, films still have the chance to return to “freedom” a few years later. Even if the way there is often difficult.

For three absolute cult classics from Warner, the ordeal is over once and for all. After they had already been deleted from the index in recent years and thus at least released for open trading, the only thing missing was the re-examination or the new classification of the FSK. And that’s exactly what is there now.

“Blade”: Vampire Horror with Wesley Snipes

In January 2019 we already reported that the legendary Marvel film “Blade” from the pre-MCU era was finally taken off the index after almost 20 years 123MOVIES. In view of the current circumstances, the uncut version received “no youth release” after a renewed appraisal – and thus remains from 18.

Anyone who wants to experience Wesley Snipes as a merciless vapir hunter is best served if he gets the complete trilogy in the uncut set – it’s already available for just under 20 euros on Blu-ray: Buy the “Blade” trilogy *

Buy the “Blade” trilogy *

“Last Boy Scout”: Bruce Willis cooler than ever

While horror films in particular land on the index, action films in particular had a hard time with the censors in the past – for example Tony Scott’s “Last Boy Scout”, which has not been indexed since 2018. The FSK re-examination has been a long time coming. The result: “no youth approval”.

For the author of these lines, the action thriller with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans is even one of the coolest films of the 90s, not least thanks to the razor-sharp, cheeky dialogues that we buddy film expert Shane Black (“Lethal Weapon”, “Last Action Hero ”). The uncut Blu-ray is available for just under 13 euros: Buy “Last Boy Scout” *

Buy “Last Boy Scout” *

“Friday the 13th”: Slasher cult from the 80s

Sean S. Cunningham’s slasher cult “Friday the 13th” had an even longer way from the first censorship to the uncut release. It was already indexed in 1983, which even 25 years later did not change – at the re-examination in 2008, according to the BPjM (Federal Testing Office for Media Harmful to Young People) there was still a risk to young people. Since 2017, the film is finally no longer indexed, three years later the official FSK rating of 18 follows: “No youth release”.

After the first film about genre icon Jason Voorhees (which, strictly speaking, isn’t even about him) and some of his other butchering orgies were even subscribed to Amazon Prime Video until recently, you now have to pay for it. Alternatively, the uncut version has long been available on disc anyway – as are most of the sequels that have since passed the FSK test: buy “Friday the 13th” *

Buy “Friday the 13th” *