The thing from another world John Carpenter is working on the new edition of the horror classic

“The thing from another world”: John Carpenter is working on the new edition of the horror classic

“The Thing” from 1982 wasn’t a big box-office hit, but it’s still a cult today. Now there should be another reboot – and horror grandmaster John Carpenter is one of the party!

As part of the Fantasia International Film Festival, director, producer and screenwriter John Carpenter (“Halloween – Die Nacht des Horens”, “The Fog – Nebel des Horens”) chatted with his fans about his career and not only talked about projects from the past , but also surprised with some news.

Carpenter is currently working on the completion of the soundtrack for “Halloween Kills”, the sequel to the “Halloween” film from 2018. He also commented on a project that Jason Blum from Blumhouse is currently working on:

“I think he’s working on ‘The thing from another world’, he’s rebooting ‘The thing from another world’. I’m involved, maybe. Sometime.”

“I think he’s working on ‘The thing from another world’, he’s rebooting ‘The thing from another world’. I’m involved, maybe. Sometime.”

It is not yet clear whether this new project, which the industry magazine Variety has now confirmed, is a sequel or a prequel or actually a completely new edition.

That’s what “The Thing From Another World” is about

R. J. MacReady (Kurt Russell) and eleven other scientists work at a research station in Antarctica. During their explorations, they come across an abandoned, destroyed station and discover a deformed corpse that they want to take a closer look at. Something is wrong with the dead person and gradually inexplicable things are happening in the research facility …

Carpenter’s “The Thing from Another World” from 1982 is based on the book of the same name by John W. Campbell Jr. from 1938. With “Frozen Hell” the story was reissued and expanded in 2019 fmovies. So this new edition would be perfect for a reboot of Carpenter’s film.

Even more “The Thing”

There is of course no start date for the new “Das Ding aus Another World” (which, by the way, is simply called “The Thing” in the original). If you want to take a look at the book, you will find what you are looking for at Amazon *.

Also worth a look: The “The Thing” remake by director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. from 2011 * and the first novel adaptation from 1951 * by Christian Niby and Howard Hawks.

John Carpenter on “Halloween Kills”: He’s never seen anything like it


Tetris film becomes crazy story on the trail of Social Network

“Tetris” film becomes crazy story on the trail of “Social Network”

For years Hollywood has wanted to make a movie out of the video game “Tetris”. Instead of a long-planned sci-fi film with the famous little blocks, there is now a drama about the story behind the cult game – with “Kingsman” star Taron Egerton.

When David Fincher once announced that he would be making a Facebook film, the news about the project in the comment columns on film sites mostly contained very skeptical prophecies of doom. In the meantime, “The Social Network” is not only considered a modern classic, but also one of the best and most groundbreaking films of the 2010s.

Will it be similar with “Tetris”? At least that is what lead actor Taron Egerton hopes, who is now using the Fincher film as a comparison for “Tetris” in an interview with GQ Magazine and promises a “crazy true story”.

promises a “crazy true story”.

Taron Egerton as Henk Rogers

Egerton, known among others from the “Kingsman” series and as Elton John from “Rocketman”, embodies the computer game developer Henk Rogers in “Tetris”, who did not invent the cult game but made it popular. He acquired the license for game consoles from the actual inventor, a Russian, and was then responsible for ensuring that the block-puzzle game appeared on the Game Boy and began its triumphant advance.

The “crazy but true” story of how Henk Rogers got the license is now to be told by “Tetris” and that should be pretty crazy. As mentioned in the GQ article about Egerton, the Russian secret service KGB plays a role.

How Henk Rogers got the license, “Tetris” will now tell

The comparison with “The Social Network” uttered by the main actor himself should also be due to the fact that a legal dispute should also play a major role in “Tetris” XMOVIES 8. One such raged for years – among other things between the video game giants Atari and Nintendo.

The “Tetris” film is to be shot from the beginning of 2021; a possible cinema release would then be conceivable in the so-called Oscar season at the end of 2021.

The “Tetris” film is to be shot from the beginning of 2021; a possible cinema release would then be conceivable in the so-called Oscar season at the end of 2021.

However, Egerton himself points out in GQ Magazine that, due to the corona pandemic, there is of course a big question mark behind it.

The drama is to be directed by the British filmmaker Jon S. Baird (“Drecksau”, “Stan

It is not known whether there are any further plans in Hollywood to film the game itself. The other “Tetris” project, once heralded as an “epic sci-fi thriller” and the start of an entire trilogy, has been very quiet for years.

At the end of the article, a reading recommendation. Our colleagues and computer game experts at GameStar have a very interesting article on the story behind the cult game:

Here you can read “The dark side of Tetris – How the puzzle game cursed its inventors” on


Forbidden love In the trailer for Ammonite Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan get closer

Forbidden love: In the trailer for “Ammonite”, Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan get closer

In Francis Lee’s new film “Ammonite”, Kate Winslet, the fossil researcher Mary Anning, searches for relics from the past in 1820 and comes across her great love – which simply must not be. We have the moving first trailer for you:

At the beginning of the 19th century on the coast of Dorset, southern England: Mary Anning (Kate Winslet) has to look after and feed her sick mother and turns a hobby into her job. She is looking for fossils to sell to tourists. Paleontologists and geologists quickly become aware of them and some of their finds even end up in museums.

One day she is asked by one of her wealthy clients to take care of his depressed wife Charlotte (Saoirse Ronan). Anning does the job because she needs the money. The women are quickly linked by an intimate relationship that goes beyond friendship. Society is far from ready for this …

Corona fell victim to the first “Ammonite” premiere

Actually, Francis Lee’s (“God’s Own Country”) new film “Ammonite” would have been part of the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival, but the corona pandemic thwarted the festival’s plans. The drama is now set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2020 …

… and should then play an important role in the so-called award season, which ends with the Oscar ceremony. In line with this, “Ammonite” is distributed in the USA by the distributor NEON, which has only existed for a few years, but which has already been involved in the concert of the big ones several times with small outsider films at the Oscars – most recently with the very big triumph: NEON celebrated 2020 “Parasite” won four Oscars, including the award for best film.

Tobis Film will bring the drama with Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan to cinemas in Germany – but probably not until 2021. The German theatrical release of “Ammonite” was recently announced for January 21, 2021. However, we assume that the film will be pushed back a little, since such “smaller” Oscar candidates often only appear after the nominations for the most important film award in the world have been announced, in order to gain additional attention.

the German theatrical release of “Ammonite” was announced for January 21, 2021

After Leberkäsjunkie This is how it continues in the cinema with the Eberhofer thrillers

After “Leberkäsjunkie”: This is how it continues in the cinema with the Eberhofer thrillers

On August 3, 2020 at 8:15 p.m. Das Erste shows “Leberkäsjunkie”, the sixth case by Franz Eberhofer. And after that, the provincial policeman is far from over: two more Eberhofer thrillers for the cinema are already in production …

“Steam noodle blues”, “winter potato dumplings”, “pork head al dente”, “semolina dumplings”, “sauerkraut coma” and “liver cheese junkie”: Sebastian Bezzel as Franz Eberhofer has already identified six times in German cinemas – and it is far from over.

Two other Eberhofer crime novels based on the books by Rita Falk have already been announced, but because of the corona pandemic, there is currently a paradoxical situation that the next film has no start date while the next one is already scheduled.

“Kaiserschmarrndrama” has no date

“Kaiserschmarrndrama” was to be released in cinemas for a long time on August 13, 2020, but the launch was canceled a month before the scheduled date. It was already clear that the film would not start that day, because there were no trailers or other promotional material for the film.

We guess that Constantin Distribution will bring out the seventh Eberhofer case in 2020.

We guess that Constantin Distribution will bring out the seventh Eberhofer case in 2020.

In the book of the same name, Eberhofer investigates the case of a young woman who is new to Niederkaltenkirchen and offers webcam strip shows under the name Mona. When her naked body was found in the forest some time later, there were numerous suspects: Mona’s customers, including many friends and acquaintances of Eberhofer. But then the next dead cam girl is found …

If you want to know now how to proceed, you can order “Kaiserschmarrndrama” here. *

“Guglhupfgeschwader” comes in 2021

The eighth Eberhofer thriller, entitled “Gugelhupf Wing,” will be released on August 5, 2021.

The eighth Eberhofer thriller, entitled “Gugelhupf Wing,” will be released on August 5, 2021.

In Falk’s book, Eberhofer is to be recognized for his services in combating crime in Niederkaltenkirchen by renaming the local roundabout “Franz-Eberhofer-Kreisel”. But the festivities are interrupted by Lotto-Otto, who is on the heels of some shady characters. When the lottery shop blew up, Eberhofer had to solve a murder case again …

You can also read Guglhupfgeschwader ”now. *

Three films can still come

Rita Falk’s book series so far comprises ten thrillers, from which it follows that two of the books published have not yet been made into a film (namely “plum plucking plot” and “white sausage connection”) fmovies. In view of the great success of the films, this is actually only a matter of time.

In addition, the next Eberhofer case with the wonderful alliterative title “Rehragoutrendezvouz” * will appear on June 17, 2021 *. It is quite possible that the eleventh book will be filmed for 2023 (the last two years between book publication and film start).


Mulan postponed again New theatrical release date for the Disney remake [Update]

“Mulan” postponed again: New theatrical release date for the Disney remake [Update]

Bad news for Disney fans: For the launch of “Mulan” in July 2020, nothing. Disney has now moved the date to August 2020, because the cinema still can not open in the US and China.

Apparently, the major Hollywood studios have hoped that the Corona crisis is over in the summer of 2020, but now rethinking has begun. After studio Warner has already “Tenet” moved farther and farther to the rear (current German launch date: August 12, 2020), now the next blockbuster potential deviates even further back from:

“Mulan” has been moved to the United States on August 21, 2020th In Germany, “Mulan” will now start on 20 August 2020th It is the third shift of the film.

“Mulan” has been moved to the United States on August 21, 2020th In Germany, “Mulan” will now start on 20 August 2020th

Even a “Mulan” start in August 2020, not chiseled in light of the current situation in stone, which seems by now clear. But basically the mice studio sticks to a theatrical release, such as the Disney bosses Alan Horn and Alan Bergman stressed again in a statement. That the Disney remake So instead, on the streaming service Disney + published, is on the current state continue to be excluded.

Basically, the mice Studio adheres to a theatrical release

Summer blockbuster without

Really aschend this step does not come, for the same reasons, due to which “Tenet” has been moved, of course, also apply to “Mulan”. In the US, the corona numbers of cases have recently risen acutely again, especially in the key markets of New York and Los Angeles, but also in the rest of the country, which is why no one can say exactly when the cinema can open profitable again.

In the US, the corona numbers of cases have recently risen acutely again

In the case of “Mulan” is exacerbated by the cinemas have not yet re-opened in large numbers in the extremely important Chinese market and even here no country seems to be in sight.

have not yet opened in the all-important Chinese market the cinemas again in large numbers

Rumors of a planned shift from “Mulan” already existed in the past week to hear again and again, also it also meant that Disney will reluctantly bring its 200 million US dollars expensive remake the very first major title after the corona crisis in theaters – as a test run so to speak.

Although now start in Germany the first time in new films, such as “Unhinged – Out of Control” with Russell Crowe, “which starts with us on 16 July 2020 but these are all to smaller or at most medium-sized projects on primewire.

YouTube provides a new feature you’ve been waiting for a long time

In the site each day, you can find a lot of interesting footage. The problem, however, is their length, and yet no one wants to waste time looking for key information. Now it will be much better.

YouTube introduces a new feature, namely chapters top sites. It’s a hit. It will appeal to almost all users, because most of the time on the site is lost in search of the quintessential watching the video. Even more important is that after they are able to last and more than a half hour. With chapters on the timeline, now quickly we move to the proper torque and save time on the watch more movies.

The new feature will appear on both the desktop and mobile devices. Chapters first appeared in April this year, but they were only available to the few users who tested this service. The experiments were successful, so YouTube has decided to implement it throughout the world for all users.

We are very pleased that the giants increasingly listen to the needs of its users and take into account their valuable suggestions. Service in recent years has undergone a huge makeover and is very functional. Despite this, however, you can still do a lot to him even more under the nick of users. Even more important it is that more and more people are watching YouTube on mobile devices and the use of mobile Internet.

Chapters will be created by content creators, and not, as previously thought, by specialized artificial intelligence algorithms. Service would not lead to a situation in which will be marked inappropriate moments. In terms of the creators they remain so as deploying them and that means those moments, the better we watched their productions. Hopefully, that will help us life, although certainly they will also depend on this, but we viewed all the material.


Scientists have finally explained the great mystery of the famous Tunguska disaster

Russian scientists have analyzed a lot of data on this incident and conducted its own investigation into the matter. Their work shows that the explanation of this puzzle is more obvious than we hitherto thought.

On the morning of 30 June 1908 at 7:17 on the Siberian Tunguska River Podkamienna a huge explosion. She had the strength of approx. 50 megatons, roughly as much as the largest thermonuclear bomb detonated by a man. This can be compared with as many as 185 bombs dumps Hiroszimę.Eksplozja knocked on 80 million trees in the taiga, on the surface of 2,000 km sq., On a much larger area sparked fires. The shock wave circled the Earth twice. Even the next day after the crash at 22:00, among others, could read a book in France, using the unusual aurora lights hovering over the horizon.

In London there was an earthquake, and Russia accused the Japanese of starting a war. What exploded 112 years ago? One hypothesis is that it was a comet, composed mainly of dirty ice that does not hit the Earth, only touched the atmosphere and flew away. The move provoked an unimaginable shock wave, however, the effects of which can still be seen on old photographs from Siberia. The researchers explain that observed in Europe “white nights” could be due to scattering of sunlight on her braid.

This riddle suggests a new study conducted by researchers from the Institute of Physical. P. N. Lebedev in Moscow and the Siberian Federal University. They exclude the possibility of an asteroid hitting the Earth built of iron or stone, because it would cause much greater damage, may perhaps even global. It not without significance here is the fact that today not discovered fragments of meteorites, which can be confirmation of this theory.

Scientists are almost certain that we are dealing with the transition by the Earth’s atmosphere of a small comet built from ice or iron asteroid. Its impact on the atmosphere vaporizing part of the material of the core and wherein the shock waves caused, and the remaining fragments further flown into the pit space. Therefore, they can not be found on the Earth’s surface.

The researchers calculated that the space rock had a diameter of 100 to 200 meters and passed through the Earth’s atmosphere at a minimum altitude of 10-15 kilometers at a speed of approx MOBILETECH. 20 kilometers per second. The property was originally the weight of approx. Three million tons, but after hitting the Earth’s atmosphere had lost half the weight. This fact, however, did not affect the trajectory of his flight, which he continued.

According to Don Yeomans of NASA’s meteorite similar to the 112 years before it happens once every 300 years, so sooner or later awaits us replay of Tunguska. The problem is that no one knows where it might happen. World space agencies formed so more and more advanced technologies that will enable us to detect even the smaller space rocks that threaten our planet. Perhaps faster to detect them ever make in advance to prepare for such events, so we do not limit the damage caused by.


Does Poland have had the peak of a pandemic? Recent data on the coronavirus

The Financial Times has just published a special live updated charts within a pandemic coronavirus, where you can check and compare the situation in their own country with others.

Cases of disease and death grew around the world for weeks, but now many European and Asian countries believe that the peak incidence behind them, systematically removing previously imposed restrictions, which already led to a serious economic crisis in the world. You can not hide, however, that tracking further cases on the basis of data provided by the individual countries is difficult, especially if we compare them with others, so increasing numbers generated special charts, like the one just presented by the Financial Times. They are interactive, so allow you to comfortably explore and compare the information available so far on a global scale, gaining wider perspective.

It is worth noted, however, that estimate the scale of the pandemic on the basis of detected cases CoVID-19 can strongly pass the reality, mainly because it is closely related to the number of tests performed, so the higher the number the general could mean just a lot more of the tests. Definitely better suited for this purpose deaths, although here there are differences in the classification of causes of death and, in some countries, deaths from CoVID-19 is considered only in the hospital. Either way, both values ​​were on the chart, but you should be aware of their limitations – served figures are an average of 7 days to be able to take account of possible administrative changes.

Interestingly, in the case of certain parts we can see the expanded data on mortality, ie. The difference between showing all deaths during a pandemic and the historical average. The inventors of this solution was decided to use a logarithmic scale, i.e., one in which the measured value of the physical quantity is converted by a logarithm – the same distance on the scale represents the division / multiplication with the same value, instead of adding / subtracting the same value as the linear scale . That’s because it is better suited to providing such data as the spread of the virus, because it allows you to compare the state of the epidemic in places where only it starts with these, where the number of cases is much higher, although they have very different overall number of cases.

And what with the number of inhabitants? Most often it is not a consideration in cases such as pandemics, because the viruses do not pay attention to the limits and have no major impact on the rate of spread. You can not hide, however, that the comparison of cases in countries strongly differing in the number of population is not the best idea, because it can be fooled if a wrong sense of security, or on the contrary – for example, 80,000 cases are completely different dimension in China or the United States than in Poland nettricks. Therefore, depending on the compared places, sometimes it’s better to look at the number of cases per million population, and sometimes the total number of cases.


In Singapore, one goes to jail for fake news about the coronavirus

During a pandemic coronavirus appeared on the network a lot of false information on it, and although in some countries it can be published with impunity, then the other must reckon with the consequences.

There’s no denying that the pandemic coronavirus caused quite a rash of speculation and false information, and one of the most famous is perhaps this which suggests that the SARS-CoV-2 corresponds to the network infrastructure 5G, which contributed to the arson masts mobile networks in different countries, including in Poland. It should be noted, however, that most people wreaking such fake news does not have to fear the consequences other than deleting posts or social media accounts and YouTube, unless you live in Singapore, because there definitely other rules prevail.

He found out about this even 40-year-old taxi driver Kenneth Lai Yong Hui, who published the private facebook group numbering 7500 members post with false information about the closure of grocery stores because Covid-19, urging the way to do inventory. And although quickly removed his post, literally after 15 minutes, the prosecutor remained adamant and requested a prison sentence to deter others from similar practices. Especially that in Singapore during the 4-month fight against coronavirus were several panic attacks, so justice is not very kind to the people causing them due to false information.

– Psychological battle for calming fear and hysteria is as important as the fight against the spread of Covid-19 – says the prosecutor Deborah Lee, who took care of the matter The Ranking Online. Thus, the ruling four months imprisonment, which is still quite mild, because Singapore’s laws provide for spreading misinformation maximum penalty of USD 7,000 or imprisonment up to three years, or both. What it all by yourself interested? Kenneth Lai Yong Hui defended himself, but unfortunately did not manage to get a comment from him after the judgment, for we know that his case is … the result of denunciation.

Police records indicate in fact that on April 20 filed a complaint against the post man who suggested that due to the pandemic coronavirus grocery stores, cafes and supermarkets will be open only for 2 days a week, so you better make stocks for the coming month. What did he get that way? Perhaps more courses your taxi, but alone probably treated quite seriously as a whole stupid joke, so quickly that the situation had become very serious. It was to be expected, however, because some time ago the man who broke quarantine to buy bread cakes, he had to pay a $ 1,000 penalty, and another seat breaching the order at home because he wanted soup, went to prison for 6 weeks.


The largest radio telescope in the world are ready to search for alien civilizations

In China carried out one of the biggest projects in the history of mankind in the field of astronomy, which will allow us to look deeper into the universe and answer questions about its turbulent past.

Astronomers hope that this giant machine will also enable us to accelerate the process of finding alien civilizations. Construction of the world’s largest radio telescope called FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope) ended in 2016, but only now it is fully ready to carry out the historic tasks.

Thanks to the world of science will be able to conduct observations of the sky with unprecedented accuracy and range up to 3 times greater than was previously possible smartuser. Chinese radio telescope consists of up to 4450 triangular elements, each with a side length of 11 meters. So you can imagine what it will be giant Realize that the canopy will be 500 meters in diameter.

With these parameters, FAST it is currently the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope on. For comparison, the second largest telescope Arecibo bowl has a diameter of only 305 meters away. The object, which is worth over $ 100 million, was established in the mountains, in the province of Guizhou, away from all sorts of cities, which could disrupt the measurements. Therefore, it is believed to be inaccessible unprecedented opportunities for astronomical observations.

Chinese FAST, within the 3-year tests, specialized in detecting pulsars, which is highly zmagnetyzowanych, rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation. FAST recently discovered several dozens of signals coming from the same place, and in a very short time.

It seems that this giant is made for this type of projects. Astronomers therefore intend to use it from September this year to detect hundreds or even thousands of new FRB and other mysterious signals. It is estimated that every second of the Earth there is a lot of such impulses, but we are not able to detect them. Now he has to change for the better. The entire project will last nearly a decade, but it has resulted in the detection of the existence of alien civilizations, and even the possibility of contact with them. Fingers crossed for the success of the whole project.