New Horizons probe is so far that the stars look very different from the [MOVIE]

The device sent by NASA discovers a mysterious riddle for us the Kuiper Belt. Thanks to him we can do experiments and see if our understanding of the universe is right.

New Horizons probe, during his trip to the borders of the solar system, looked at two fascinating objects, namely the dwarf planet Pluto and the asteroid (486958) Arrokoth. Thanks to it we could get a glimpse into the history of the formation of the solar system. Now, the device traverses the endless spaces of the Kuiper Belt in search of the next object for study.

The researchers used recently are still well-functioning instruments on board the probe to carry images of the two stars. The aim of the experiment was to confirm the distance between the planet and the star Proxima Centauri and Wolf 359. The first of these is 4 light-years from us, and the other nearly 8 light years.

Unusually, the images taken by the device both stars are very different from those obtained by telescopes on the surface of the Earth, which you can see in the attached image. The probe is now up to 46 times farther than the distance separating the Earth from the sun. Apparently it’s the scale of the universe, but enough to have a star next to us other items on the background of more distant stars.

It is this fact, astronomers decided to use to measure the distance between the stars and the Earth new age tech online. The studies helped a parallax technique. It turns out that the data obtained coincide with our earlier calculations. We can therefore conclude that between our planet and the part of space there are some powerful gravity objects that have an impact on our mistaken perception of the distances to these stars.

The ability to determine the distance between nearby stars and the Earth is important for many reasons. The most important of them is the creation of a new kind of space navigation. Thanks to it we will be able to efficiently travel through space. Although now it sounds more like a sci-fi, but if you are going to become an interplanetary civilization and you will want to travel to distant planetary systems, we now need to learn how to precisely navigate spaceships.

On the occasion of Proxima Centauri moving subject, it is worth mentioning that this is the nearest star (besides the sun). For several years, sleepless nights astronomers from around the world, and this is due to the existence of a planet close to her called Proxima B, which can exist known to us or alien life forms.

The planet is located approx. 4 light years (40 trillion kilometers) from us, and is similar to the Earth, because it is the planet of stone and is located at a distance from its star, Proxima Centauri, that on the surface may be liquid water, and therefore, it is in the so-called. residential zone. Not only that, some time ago we heard the news that the system may be more planets.


Amazon wants to make payments … hand. No, it will not be a fingerprint

US giant more seriously talking about a completely new type of payment, thanks to which we will not have to carry anything beyond his own hand – whether it really has a chance to check out?

Amazon creates a very special stationary terminals for shops, where customers will be able to connect to your credit card information with their hands, later to pay without having to carry a wallet, documents or smartphone. The company wants that such payment systems appeared in cafes, pubs and other establishments where daily runs through the crowds of people, very often accustomed to their favorite places. And although at first glance, all this to facilitate our lives, it must be remembered that the tech giants do not really do anything for free.

And what is it this time? About the same as usual, or even greater access to our data, what Amazon might just earn well. Just moreover look at his previous experiments Financial, the auto shops that do not have to stop at the checkout to pay or digital wallet Amazon Pay payment at online retailers outside the Amazon – the same Jeff Bezos convinces the members of his management that is extremely important issue.

Anyway, plans for new terminals are still at an early stage and as informs The Wall Street Journal, citing its sources, Amazon has lead to this conversation with both Visa and Mastercard. What’s more, the company also had a talk with those offering credit cards as JPMorgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo & Co. and Synchrony Financial, who had expressed interest in making available such services to their customers. It does not change the fact that, according to the bank market giants giants still wonder if the likes of Amazon’s technology enablers giants want to be their partners or competitors tech stream.

Fears of possible exclusion from popular services, however, are stronger, so Amazon certainly will not have trouble finding takers. Anyway, there is still much to be done, and the biggest problem seems to protect clients against scammers who may wish to use the new system. Not without significance is the method of assigning cards to your hand (or will be in the store, or perhaps the headquarters of the bank, and perhaps Amazon has another idea?) And how to convince customers to bring to the company more their privacy, because as you know the giant He will keep at home about our purchases, which gives him a large field of possibilities. In short, we will watch with interest the case.


NASA showed how mice behave in space. “Positively surprised us”

This is the first time we can see the official tests in rodents, which for some time on board the International Space Station. Admittedly, the great cope.

Agency conducted on the Earth’s orbit, already thousands of different experiments GamesArtMovies. One of them is study the behavior of mice in a state of weightlessness. Work is not only due to the fact that they are a substitute for man, but it is also especially important if we are serious about the colonization of Mars, and it changes the other Earth. Small mammals will be very helpful in this.

NASA showed the footage, as mice are doing for them in the inhospitable conditions of microgravity. Although in the first hours of your stay in the cosmic home, the mice did not feel comfortable because it was hard to maintain their balance and hold the legs in food, however after a few days began to thrive on activities of daily living.

Unusually, they understand that a degrading state of weightlessness affects their muscles, thus determining their disappearance, and therefore began to run fast around the inside of the cage, like hamsters in a wheel, to artificially generate centrifugal force and gravity, as a result of that stimulate your muscles.

Scientists believe that such behavior is not only allowed them to keep their physical condition, but also they could in this way fight with the stress of new, space living conditions and stimulate the organ of balance. Acclimatization rodents suddenly went quickly and smoothly. A big surprise for the researchers was the fact that despite the felines microgravity conditions to carry out their daily activities associated with finding food, food and fur care in virtually the same way as it does in their natural environment, that is, on the surface of our planet.